Going back to basics.

This blog is dedicated to the beauty of lost civilizations through their art, culture and ways of life. (Specifically, the mesoamericans and pre european native americans)
I will also post:
- modern day tribal/native inspired things
(such as body modifications)
- promotion of peace, love and respect for the environment and each other
- american indian suffrage

Why? Because these things are all beautiful and sacred to me and I believe that they should be honored and that true justice should always be strived for in this world of injustice and lies.

Who am i? I am a Caucasian American woman, nineteen years of age, of Italian and German descent (if any of that matters). As a person, I maintain the strong belief that peace, love and respect for everyone and everything around you are virtues that should be honored. The fact that the bad seems to outweigh the good in human intent disheartens but doesn't deter me. I will always see the good in the bad and try my best to make even the slightest change in the ugliness of the world. I am a lost soul in search of peace.